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Students can enter justifications and see if there's a corresponding inference. Given the derivation system chosen in settings, only premissible inferences are allowed. This builds good habits for students and helps students learn how their derivation system works.

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Customize symbols and rules of inference according to your system. The symbols chosen for the connectives rewrites well-formed formulas accross all problems on this website. Additionally, you can enable features such as 'Line Check Mode' where a student must write the desired inference as well as the justification.

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As an instructor you can create courses, upload problems, view student progress, and set up the derivation system for your course. As a student you can solve course derivations using the JustInfer system to ensure you are doing derivations in a proper way according to your professor's chosen settings. You must create an account to gain access to these features but accounts are free and easy to create.

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